T.N. (Tom) Coggins


Tom Coggins is a PhD candidate working on the research line ‘Design for value change in robot systems and artificial intelligence’ within the project ‘Designing for Value Change’. For his PhD research, Tom is investigating the impact self-driving cars and socially adaptive electronic partners have on normative value systems. 


Before joining TU Delft in 2019, he completed a research masters in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and a bachelors degree in philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University. Throughout his studies, he has focused on ethics and the philosophy of technology. His master’s thesis examined the ontological role technology plays within the work of Gilbert Simondon and Karl Marx. 

Tom Coggins

PhD Candidate

  • + 31 6 33912164
  • Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

    Building 31

    Room number: B4.090

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests: 
Design for values
Artificial Intelligence
Robot Ethics
Ethics of AI