Judging Criteria

Addressing a societal problem

  • To what degree does your project contribute to solving a societal challenge?

Societal values & use

  • Does your project take societal values into account (such as safety, health, sustainability, human welfare, justice and privacy) and have they been taken into account during the development or design process? Have you anticipated the social use or implementation of your project and have you incorporated these insights during the development of your innovative idea?


  • Have you anticipated the possible risks or other negative effects of your project? Have you taken actions to reduce these risks and effects as much as possible? 


  • Did you have an inclusive development process? Did you engage relevant stakeholders during the development of your project?


  • Did you have a transparent development process? Can you account for the choices made during the development process to society?

Innovative & Creativeness

  • How is your project unique in its aim/goal/approach? To what extend is your approach innovative? Did you come with new, creative solutions?