Dr. Mr. N. (Niek) Mouter MSc


Niek Mouter: I am an associate professor of Infrastructure Policy Appraisal at TU Delft’s Transport & Logistics group, with a background in economics (MSc) and philosophy of law (LLM).

Curriculum Vitae


My research focuses on improving the appraisal of infrastructure projects and in my work I combine insights from various disciplines such as economics, philosophy, political science and urban planning.

My current work, for instance, focuses on the inclusion of ethical considerations in appraisal models, such as the Cost-Benefit Analysis, and improving the usability of appraisal models for politicians, civil servants and other stakeholders. I (co)developed new appraisal approaches such as ‘willingness to allocate public budget experiments’ and ‘Participatory Value Evaluation’

I am currently editing a book for Elsevier about Appraisal Methods for Transport Policy and Planning.

  • Mouter, N., Cabral, M. O., Dekker, T. & van Cranenburgh, S., 2019, The value of travel time, noise pollution, recreation and biodiversity: A social choice valuation perspective. Research in Transportation Economics.
  • Mouter, N., van Cranenburgh, S. & van Wee, B., 2018. the consumer-citizen duality: Ten reasons why citizens prefer safety and drivers desire speed. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 121, p. 53-63 11 p.
  • Mouter, N., van Cranenburgh, S. & van Wee, B., 2017. Do individuals have different preferences as consumer and citizen? The trade-off between travel time and safety. In : Transportation Research. Part A: Policy & Practice. 106, p. 333-349 17 p.
  • Mouter, N., van Cranenburgh, S., & van Wee, B., 2017. An empirical assessment of Dutch citizens' preferences for spatial equality in the context of a national transport investment plan. Journal of Transport Geography 60, pp. 217-230.
  • Mouter, N., 2017. Dutch politicians’ use of Cost-Benefit Analysis. Transportation 44 (5), pp. 1127-1145
  • Mouter, N., 2017. Attitudes of Dutch politicians towards Cost-Benefit Analysis. Transport Policy 54, pp. 1-10
  • Mouter., N., Chorus, C.G., 2016. Value of Time: a citizen perspective. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 91, pp. 317-329.

More publications

  • Principle investigator of two NWO Responsible Innovation (MVI) projects: Designing innovative and socially responsible heating systems’ and “Participatory Value Evaluation: a new assessment model for promoting social acceptance of sustainable energy projects”. The second project focuses on developing and applying Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) for the energy transition.

  • Collaborate in the CIVILIAN project of the Dutch National Institute for the Public Health (RIVM). In this project PVE is further developed and applied for two cases: health disinvestments and informal care. 

  • Co-applicant of an European Interreg project (SHIFT) in which PVE is further developed for including citizens in the design of sustainable energy projects in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

  • Co-applicant of the APPRAISE project funded by the Austrian Climate Change Research Program which focuses on developing and applying PVE for Austrian Climate Change policies.
  • Scientific Director Populytics
  • Associate Editor of the European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research
  • Member of Editorial Board of Tijdschrift voor Vervoerswetenschap

Niek Mouter

Associate Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics
Energy Transition Lab, MT Member

Cherelle Nieuwenhuis

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