Dr.ir. L. (Lavinia) Marin


Lavinia Marin is an assistant professor in the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section, TU Delft, the Netherlands. Her current research investigates the conditions of possibility for enabling epistemic agency (both at the individual and group level) for users of social networking platforms. Given that users already have epistemic agency and capacities, what does it take in terms of design to foster these capacities? Lavinia investigates the problem of epistemic agency for online users from several complementary perspectives: what are the emerging epistemic norms in online communities, how the epistemic norms of online life are intertwined with moral and social norms, and the ways in which users can sharpen their epistemic skills through using features of the environment (scaffolds and affordances),  informationally overloaded environments, and the emotional infrastructure of the online social environments. She uses the frameworks of social epistemology, 4E cognition, and value sensitive design to answer these questions. Lavinia is pursuing this line of research as part of the ESDIT project and at the Delft Digital Ethics Centre

The second line of research concerns educational development in ethics education for engineering programmes. This line focuses on refining the learning goals for engineering ethics education, and developing methods tailored to these goals, particularly moral reflection and moral sensitivity. Together with colleagues from the Comet project, she is currently building a framework toward theorising the experiential approach in ethics education, namely why experiences with material objects, embodied exercises and performing scenarios are important for getting a more involved approach to ethical experiences.

Research interests: digital epistemology, social epistemology, epistemology of embodied cognition and reasoning, critical thinking as embodied and mediated practice, intellectual virtues, online (mis)information, critical inquiry in online communities, online emotions, digital forms of life, digital citizenship

  • Marin, L. (2021). Sharing (mis) information on social networking sites. An exploration of the norms for distributing content authored by others. Ethics and Information Technology, 23(3), 363-372. https://rdcu.be/cPBDf 
  • Marin, L. (2022). Enactive Principles for the Ethics of User Interactions on Social Media: How to Overcome Systematic Misunderstandings Through Shared Meaning-Making. Topoi, 1-13. https://rdcu.be/cPBC5
  • Lavinia Marin and Steffen Steinert. Twisted thinking: Technology, values and critical thinking. Prometheus. Vol. 38(1). DOI: 10.13169/prometheus.38.1.0124
  • MARIN, L. (2022). ASKING MORE FROM THE ONLINE UNIVERSITY. CAN WE THINK TOGETHER WHILE SEPARATED BY A SCREEN?. TEORIˉA, 34, 87. https://research.tudelft.nl/en/publications/asking-more-from-the-online-university-can-we-think-together-whil 
  • Marin, Lavinia, and Sabine Roeser. 2020. “Emotions and Digital Well-Being: The Rationalistic Bias of Social Media Design in Online Deliberations.” In Ethics of Digital Well-Being. Vol. 140, edited by Christopher Burr and Luciano Floridi, 139–50. Philosophical Studies Series. Cham: Springer International Publishing. 

Involved in the following courses:

  • Creative and critical thinking R2.D1
  • Ethics and engineering
  • Philosophy of engineering science 
  • Social and scientific values 
  • Critical reflections on technology
  • Ethics for applied mathematics
  • Responsible Innovation
  • Ethics for aerospace engineering
  • Ethics of technological risks
  • Ethics of transportation
  • Ingenieur en samenleving
  • Ethics of healthcare
  • Research themes - SEN1311
  • MOOC “Mind of the universe: Robots in Society: Blessing or Curse?”

 Also involved in supervision for

  • Bachelor End project for the TB
  • Master's Thesis for the MOT

Project manager for the Ethics Education for Engineers - 4TU.Ethics project (SURF grant)

Affiliated researcher for the COMET project (COMET - Comprehensive Ethics Teaching for Engineering and Design students) funded by the 4TU.CEE

Web and content manager for https://www.tudelft.nl/ethics/

Lavinia Marin

Assistant Professor

  • L.Marin@tudelft.nl
  • Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

    Building 31

    Room number: B4.220

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for values
Computer Ethics 

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