Master Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

The customs profession is changing. How can we improve compliance, safety, security, sustainability, efficiency and information quality in international trade? How can we stimulate uniform application of customs laws across the EU? Can we reduce administrative burdens for business and government? How can we embed compliance with laws and regulations concerning the import and export of goods into business processes and information systems? How should customs supervision face business challenges? Can we create mutual understanding among parties from different backgrounds? In this master’s degree you will learn to deal with these challenges by collaborating across disciplines and by integrating customs regulations, supply chain management and information systems and compliance.

As of September 2014 this degree is offered by the Rotterdam School of Mangement, in close collaboration with the Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands, Delft University of Technology, Erasmus School of Economics and the Erasmus School of Law of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, TNO, and representatives of businesses in international trade such as the Shippers Council and The Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics.

Target group

  • Customs of all EU member states (customs officer, EDP auditor, client coordinator, legal advisor, policy maker).
  • Other government agencies (tax office, food and health safety inspectorate, police).
  • Educational institutions (trainers and lecturers).
  • Businesses, in a specialised legal/tax advisory role or a logistical role.
  • Large accounting, consultancy firms and law firms,
  • Logistics service providers, international traders and the like,
  • Shippers, exporters, shipbrokers, stevedores, terminal operators and all other parties that are involved in international cross border supply chains.


  • A boost in knowledge and expertise.
  • Being able to address a complex problem in the customs domain from a legal, a supply chain and an informational perspective, and provide a workable solution.
  • Learn to function as an independent consultants or customs inspector; Learn to make a contribution to scientific knowledge of the customs domain.
  • An active professional network through an alumni association focusing on career development.
  • A master’s degree from Delft University of Technology.


Registration is now open. Please contact Henriette Cleton or Klaas Wassens for more information about entrance levels and registration ( or, or visit the Rotterdam School of Management website.