Dr. A.Y. (Aaron) Ding


Aaron Ding is a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Engineering Systems and Services at TU Delft and an Adjunct Professor (Dosentti) in Computer Science at University of Helsinki. He has over 12 years of R&D experience (full-time employment) across EU, UK and USA. Prior to TU Delft, he worked at TU Munich with Joerg Ott, at Columbia University with Henning Schulzrinne, at University of Cambridge with Jon Crowcroft. He obtained undergrad MSc and PhD all with distinctions from the Department of Computer Science (Birthplace of Linux) at University of Helsinki. His PhD is supervised by Prof. Sasu Tarkoma and Prof. Jon Crowcroft at Cambridge. Funded by the Nokia Foundation, part of his PhD programme was completed at University of Cambridge in UK and at Columbia University in USA.

Aaron is the founder of ACM EdgeSys - the successful EdgeSys series have been gathering substantial community contributions especially with high quality TPC, panels, keynotes and technical papers from North America, Europe, and Asia, including Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft Research, Facebook, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Toyota, Telefonica, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, UCLA, Toronto, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, EPFL, MPI, TUM, Aachen, Tsinghua, Peking and Fudan. To drive new research agenda in the Edge AI domain, he is hosting the internationally renowned Dagstuhl Seminar and Lorentz Workshop in 2021 to lead the future development of Edge Intelligence.

Being active in ACM, IEEE and IETF communities, Aaron is invited on the Journal Editorial Board for IEEE OJ-ITS and MDPI MTI. He is currently the Chair of Finance for ACM MobiSys, Co-Chair of Travel Grant for ACM MobiCom and Co-Chair for ACM MobileHCI DatEthics. Besides co-chaired IEEE INFOCOM HotPOST and ACM MobiSys PhD workshops, he has served on the Board of IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals, on the Executive Committee of IEEE Finland, and on the IETF NomCom by nominating and selecting the IETF IAB leadership for Internet Standards. He is also the co-founder of FCN, a joint initiative to promote active collaborations between top European and Asian research institutes, including Cambridge, Delft, Helsinki, Leuven, London, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna, EPFL, MPI, IMDEA, HKUST, Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, and Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

At TU Delft, Aaron serves on the Executive Committee of Power Web Institute, and on the University Works Council's Research & Education Committee. Since 2018, he is the Faculty Master Graduation Coordinator for TBM.


Aaron is leading the Cyber-Physical Intelligence (CPI) Lab in the Department of Engineering Systems and Services at TU Delft. His research at CPI Lab focuses on Edge AI solutions for cyber-physical systems in smart mobility and energy domains. Through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research across science, engineering and design disciplines, he has been developing system solutions for the emerging large-scale IoT deployment, smart vehicles, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) and analytic services. Different from cloud-centric approach, his work investigates how to harness and consolidate the power of the distributed computing resources that are deployed at the network edge to reinforce cyber-physical systems in terms of performance, resilience, security, energy efficiency, and quality of experience for users. For contributing to mobile and edge computing, his work was awarded the Best Paper of ACM EdgeSys, ACM SIGCOMM Best of CCR, and Best Presentation Award of IEEE INFOCOM. He is a two-time recipient of the esteemed Nokia Foundation Scholarships.

Aaron has been leading and participating in a series of international/national projects (H2020, EIT, German DAAD and Tekes Finland) in tight collaboration with industrial companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, Intel, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Telia, Elisa, NEC and F-Secure since 2007. In 2020, he successfully acquired the prestigious EU Horizon Marie Curie ITN (4M budget of 4 years) by scoring 98/100 out of total 1509 proposals. The ITN project is enabling TU Delft to join force with strong consortium partners of IBM, UvA, KTH, TU Wien, Politech Milano to develop innovative technologies for optimizing energy efficiency in AI algorithm processing.

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Aaron Yi Ding

Assistant Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Laura Bruns

Research interests:
Edge Computing 
Edge AI
IoT Architecture
Data Analytics