A.S. (Allert) Knapper MSc


Allert (Assen, 1983) graduated in Psychology December 2008 with a master's thesis about contraflow or reverse laning, a technique for speeding up evacuations by making people drive all lanes of outgoing roads. On Oktober 5th 2008 reverse laning was put into practice in a large scale test after a FC Groningen soccer match, where 2,200 fan's cars were guided over reversed east bound lanes of the Bornholmstraat in Groningen, near de Euroborg Stadium. Conclusions were that the 50%-80% capacity gains were enough for the technique to be integrated in Dutch evacuation plans.


At the moment, Allert Knapper is doing a PhD research into the use of navigation systems and mobile phones during driving. For this research, he uses 3 kinds of methods: the TU Delft driving simulator, a field test using the Wiener Fahrprobe and naturalistic driving observations. The research aims at gaining more insight in how navigation systems and mobile phones are really used during driving and what effects their use have on driver safety.

Allert's supervisors in his research are Karel Brookhuis en Marjan Hagenzieker. 

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I currently work at the ministry of Social Affairs and Unemployment.

Allert Knapper

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Research interests:
Driving simulation
Navigation systems
Mobile phones
Driver distraction
Naturalistic driving