B. (Baiba) Pudane


Baiba is a PhD candidate in the Transport and Logistics section since August, 2016. Her educational background is in Transport and Logistics (postgraduate, from TUM Asia in Singapore) and Mathematics and Statistics (undergraduate, from University of Latvia). She has worked for the research institute TUM CREATE in Singapore and Latvian national airline airBaltic.


    My research interest lies in travel behaviour modelling for the upcoming era of automated vehicles. Travel behaviour with automated vehicles may be very different from the present: travellers will be able to perform many non-driving activities while on the way and may decide to use their cars as office, recreation place or second home. Given such flexibility, people may decide to travel more and choose further locations for home, work and other activities. In my PhD, I explore these travel and location choices qualitatively (using focus groups) and quantitatively (using stated choice surveys and discrete choice methods). The results will allow to anticipate potential long-term impact of automated vehicles, such as induced travel and urban sprawl, and help policy makers direct the introduction of automated vehicles.

      This PhD research is part of the project STAD: Spatial and Transport Impacts of Automated Vehicles, funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). For more information, visit http://stad.tudelft.nl/

      Baiba Pudāne

      PhD candidate

      Engineering Systems and Services

      Transport and Logistics

      Research interests:
      Automated vehicles
      Travel and location choices
      Choice behaviour modelling

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