C. (Clara) Maathuis


Ir. Clara Maathuis is currently a transdisciplinary joint PhD Researcher in Cyber Warfare/Operations working with Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Military/Defense techniques, technologies, and methods.

She did her BSc in Computer Science & Automatic Control, MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Systems), and wrote both her BSc and MSc theses in Information/Cyber Security.
Additionally, she has completed training/modules in military security, military air power, hybrid warfare and space security, and conflict analysis. She has also professional music training.

In the industry, she worked as Senior Software Engineer in several important international projects in telecommunications (on data and voice solutions) and control systems (on automation solutions) domains.


Current research is focused on assessing the effects/impact of Cyber Warfare/Operations and decision making in complex (military) information systems using intelligent techniques, technologies, and methods having respect to the (controversial) legal boundaries.

Direct research interests embody Cyber Warfare/Operations and Security, Artificial Intelligence, military systems & technologies, military law, and (counter) terrorism.

Indirect research interests embody futurology, technological innovation, neuroscience and cognition, politics, and immigration.

  • Teaching Assistant for ‘Cyber Risk Management’ (Cyber Security master course).
  • Teaching Assistant for ‘Security and Technology’ (bachelor course).
  • In the past teaching undergraduate courses on informatics and mathematics.
  • Supervisor for Master thesis and advisor for Master course in Cyber Security. Students interested on security, strategic and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning studies are welcomed to apply.

Clara Maathuis

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Research interests:
Cyber Warfare, Cyber Operations, Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence
War studies, Strategic studies
(Counter)Terrorism, Crisis, Conflict
Politics, Law and Decision making

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