F. (Fuqi) Liang


I am a PhD candidate at the Transport and Logistics group, working with Dr. Jafar Rezaei on "Best Worst Method (BWM)", a multi-criteria decision-making method.

Before I started my PhD here, I majored in Management Science and Engineering at Shenzhen University in China and studied Decision Making in Energy Management. From the same school, I got my bachelor’s degree in Economic Commerce.


Studying multi-criteria decision-making with a focus on the Best Worst Method. The main idea is to study the behavioural aspects of decision-making when using the Best Worst Method. I will also study group decision-making using the Best Worst Method. The developed methods/extensions will be mainly applied in the field of supply chain management and renewable energy.

  • Qin, Q. D., Liang F. Q., Li, L., Wei, Y. M. (2017). Selection of Energy Performance Contracting Business Models: A Behavioral Decision-making Approach, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 72, 422-433.
  • Qin, Q. D., Liang F. Q., Li, L., Chen, Y. W., Yu, G. F. (2017). A TODIM-based multi-criteria group decision making with triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, Applied Soft Computing, 55, 93-107.

Fuqi Liang

PhD Candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport & Logistics

Research interests:
Multi-Criteria Decision-Making with a focus on Best Worst Method (BWM)
Supply Chain Management
Behavioral decision-making