J. (Joao) Gorenstein Dedecca


Before joining the Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies joint doctorate at TU Delft I completed the Operations Management Leadership Program at General Electric, working in the wind, healthcare and energy management businesses. I also concluded a master in energy systems planning and bachelor in electrical engineering at the Campinas State University (UNICAMP, Brazil).


Developing policy and market frameworks for the development of the Northern Seas offshore grid in Europe. The grid will interconnect European power systems while adding significant capacities of offshore wind to these systems, in order to reach the European decarbonization goals. I use a simulation model to derive non-optimal pathways for this grid in order to study the impact of different policies and market designs on the grid development.

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Assistance in the Actors and Strategy Models course (EPA1143) of the EPA master.

Joao Gorenstein Dedecca

PhD candidate


Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

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