J.I. (José Ignacio) Hernández


José Ignacio Hernández is a Chilean PhD candidate of the Department of Engineering Systems and Services, section Transport and Logistics. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Master’s degree of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics of University of Concepción, Chile.

José Ignacio’s previous research has been focused on estimating the economic benefits of ecosystem services protection policies in face of stressors generated by human activities, such as agricultural erosion and climate change.


José Ignacio’s PhD research focuses on providing a better understanding on the motivations of citizens’ preferences for public interest projects, and improving policy advice information through the Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) method.

PVE is a new tool developed for public policy evaluation proposed as an alternative for Cost-Benefit Analysis. This method combines a realistic experimental framework, and the flexibility of Behavioral Choice Models to infer citizens’ preferences in a non-monetary approach.

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José Ignacio Hernández

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Research interests:
Public Policy Evaluation
Choice Modelling
Applied Econometrics
Energy Economics

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