M.J. (Matthew) Pentecost


Matthew Pentecost is a PhD candidate conducting research for the Transport and Logistics group of the Department of Engineering Systems and Services. He received a BBA (Joint Honours) in Business and Economics from Simon Fraser University in 2015, followed by an MPhil in Economics from the Tinbergen Institute in 2017. Over the course of his education, Matthew has gained knowledge and hands-on experience in economic experiments, agent-based simulations, complexity theory, and spatial modelling.


Matthew's research primarily pertains to overcoming the methodological challenges inherent in capturing human systems in economic models. His work at TU Delft aims to improve cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for infrastructure investments. In keeping with microeconomic foundations, CBAs have traditionally made the assumption that even non-consumable benefits such as improved safety and reduced carbon emissions can be expressed in terms of euros of private consumption; however, both quantitative and qualitative evidence from stated choice experiments have called the soundness of this link into question. 
By understanding (and, ultimately, measuring) how individuals value their own consumption versus the provision of public goods, this research should allow policymakers to better understand the wishes of their stakeholders and open the door to more meaningful public participation on important projects.

Matthew Pentecost

PhD Candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics