P.B.M. (Patrick) Fahim


Patrick was born in Munich and raised in Amsterdam. In 2014, he graduated at the TU Delft in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management. For his MSc-graduation project, he conducted a research about supplier selection in the airline retail industry at KLM. In collaboration with Prof. Lori Tavasszy and Dr. Jafar Rezaei, he wrote a paper about the research, which was published in a scientific journal.

After Patrick graduated, he started working at DB Schenker (logistics service provider) in product development for the Oil & Gas-product. Also now, in addition to his PhD research at the TU Delft, he is still working parttime at DB Schenker. Prior to his position at DB Schenker, Patrick held multiple positions at various organizations and associations.

Apart from work, Patrick enjoys playing tennis, running and going to the gym. Also he enjoys going out, reading, travelling, meeting new people, and discovering new opportunities and challenges.


The PhD research that Patrick is working on is part of NWO's project "Towards Virtual Ports in a Physical Internet", in which also Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Port of Rotterdam and Groningen Seaports participate. The project aims to conceptualise the future roles of ports under the Physical Internet (PI), and to design decision-support systems for PI-enabled port logistics and hinterland operations. The PhD research investigates how to make the transition to self-regulating logistics systems by identifying future development paths for PI-networks. In addition, the design of mathematical models to calculate expected freight volumes in port networks is part of the research scope.

See the movie below for a short explanation of the Physical Internet:

ALICE - Physical Internet

Patrick Fahim

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Research interests:
Physical internet
Decision Making

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