S. E. (Svenja) Bielefeld, MSc.


Svenja is a PhD candidate within the Energy and Industry group. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology from TU Delft. Between her bachelor’s and her master’s, she worked on battery and hydrogen-based drivetrain components in the automotive industry.


Her field of research is the impact of variability on storage technologies. Svenja’s project is part of RELEASE, a NWO study on large-scale energy storage systems, based on electrochemical conversion of electricity into molecules, like hydrogen production and CO2 conversion.

Through system simulation, Svenja is assessing the effect of different operating modes on these technologies to identify technical and economical trade-offs and  limitations for large-scale plants.

Svenja Bielefeld

PhD Candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy & Industry

Research interests:
Energy Storage
Carbon capture, utilization and storage
System analysis

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