S. (Shiva) Noori


Shiva is a PhD candidate at the Energy and Industry section. She has obtained her BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Energy Systems Engineering both from SUT (Sharif University of Technology), Iran. After graduation, she has worked in EPC industrial projects in Iran where she has confronted several environmental and energy issues contradicting her academic background. Those problems have motivated her to work on sustainable industrial development in emerging economies as her PhD research.


Emerging Industrial clusters (EICs) are expected to expand rapidly in the short-term future. Shiva's research aims to understand how this development can be steered on a sustainable path? She applies Industrial Symbiosis (IS) concept to approach the research goal. Her research is designed to uncover potential IS implementation kernels in EICs, understand emergent behaviour of EICs considering their socio-technical structure via ABM modelling and explore scenarios for IS contribution to sustainable development. 

Shiva Noori

PhD Candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Mon to Thu

Research interests:
Sustainable industrial development
Industrial Symbiosis (IS)
Socio-technical systems