Y. (Yuxin) Wang


I am a PhD candidate in the ICT section at Department of Engineering Systems and Services. I received my Master’s degree of Economics from Duke University in the USA and Bachelor’s degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in China. I have work experience in data analysis and IT consulting in Accenture. Previously, I had been an operating manager in the USA for 2 years after being a research assistant at Duke University. 


In my current research, a method to detect and diagnose fault scenarios regarding compliance in international supply chains will be proposed and tested. This method will form part of a general approach called model-based auditing, which is based on a normative meta-model of the movement of money and goods or services. Several case studies of how leading companies, e.g. ASML, Seacon Logistics and MAERSK, are compliant to European Customs regulations will be analysed and reported. 

  • Supervising Master’s thesis, e.g. “Model-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Inventory Record Inaccuracy in Customs Warehouse Management in the Netherlands” (thesis available at http://repository.tudelft.nl/)
  • Wang, Y., Tian, Y., Teixeira, A., Hulstijn, J., and Tan, Y. 2016. “Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Compliance Monitoring in International Supply Chains,” in Proceedings of the 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2016), August 11-14, San Diego, USA.
  • Wang, Y., Hulstijn, J., and Tan, Y. 2016. “Data Quality Assurance in International Supply Chains: An Application of the Value Cycle Approach to Customs Reporting,” International Journal of Advanced Logistics (5:2), pp. 76-85.
  • Wang, Y., Hulstijn, J., and Tan, Y. 2015. “Data Quality Assurance in International Supply Chains: An Application of the Value Cycle Approach,” in Open and Big Data Management and Innovation. Springer International Publishing, pp. 467-478.

Publications in Pure

Supply Chain Control and Compliance (SAtIN)

International trade and logistics are very important economic activities for the Netherlands. Dutch companies are leading in the operations of international trade and the Dutch government is leading the supervision of international trade. The importance and complex nature of this field translates into a dominant knowledge position of Dutch companies, their service providers and governmental agencies in areas such as international logistics, international trade finance, international tax and excise control and innovations in regulation and auditing.

This research project will provide a grounding of this operational knowledge in advanced academic research. The research should develop methods to monitor, evaluate and control these risks in complex, international, multi-tier supply chains that are a major carrier of international trade. The scientific contribution lies in the development of a probabilistic model for supply chain risks and controls, and a model-based auditing approach, to establish adequacy of these controls. This research project aims to integrate these research fields into a mechanism that allows the quantitative evaluation of control for an entire supply chain. The project will enable businesses to substantiate the claim that they are in control of the regulated risks, and consequently, should obtain further trade facilitation from government agencies.

The project reflects the aims of the Topsector Logistics of innovating control and compliance in international networks, innovating government supervision in international trade and developing new avenues for trade facilitation for Dutch trade. In this research, government, business and knowledge institutes cooperate with the aim to push the boundaries of trade facilitation.

Yuxin Wang

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Research interests:
Supply chain management
Accounting information systems
Audit and control
Fault detection and diagnosis
Compliance monitoring

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