Other Interest

Other interests, that's a long story...  

  1. running marathons:  



Sunday April 7 2019, I finished my 28th marathon of Rotterdam, bringing my total number of 32 completed marathons.

The super marathon master's website shows under “Mannen” that I am currently a 28 times finisher at position 22 of the list, between all people that ran the R'dam marathon 10 times or more...
(my top position at this list, being position 22, I reached in 2015; due to a severe sickness in 2015, I was not able to run the marathon edition of 2016...).
My personal record is 3h19m (reached in 1992, if I remember well). I further have run the marathons in New York (1991 and 2010), Berlin (1992), and Amsterdam (1993). 


My first Rotterdam marathon was in 1991 that I finished in 3h24m. Then I ran all the 25 editions between 1991 and 2015.

and much more:

  1. playing the piano
    (classical music by e.g. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, ... and various jazz standards including Misty, Take-5, ...).
  2. long distance walking including the
      - famous Dutch Pieterpad as composed of many stages (alltogether more than 450km) which we finalized many years ago;
      - Nijmeegse Vierdaagse (Walk of the World) (4 days of 50km) which I completed July 21-24 2009.
  3. long distance skating: I'm member of the Dutch "Vereniging De Friesche Elf Steden" that, in case of a heavy winter, organizes the famous "Elf Steden Tocht" consisting of a 200km skating tour on natural ice. I'm still dreaming of skating that route in a year with a heavy winter in which I'm also owner of a starting license (a type of lottery system is in use here).
  4. sailing, in a small boat, on a large lake, with heavy wind.
  5. drinking beer, especially of Belgium type... 
  6. seeing a sun eclipse: March 29, I survived the sun eclipse in Turkey: during 3m40s the sun disappeared. For a beautiful picture of what we have seen, see this page