Dr. C.J. (Carissa) Champlin


Carissa Champlin is a postdoc in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. She serves as project lead for the SURF open educational resources for urban resilience project, which belongs to the 4TU. Centre for Resilience Engineering.


Her current research centers on teaching in systems for resilience engineering. As a doctoral candidate at the University of Twente, Carissa managed an INTERREG project that developed toolkits for multi-stage, multi-actor terrain revitalization projects. Her PhD thesis ‘Contextualizing Planning Support (Systems): Codesigning to fit the dynamics of spatial strategy making’ dealt with topics including planning support systems, spatial strategy making, complex social systems, serious gaming and group model building.

  • Champlin, C. (2019). Contextualizing Planning Support (Systems): Co-designing to fit the dynamics of spatial strategy making. PhD Thesis.
  • Champlin, C., te Brömmelstroet, M. & Pelzer, P. Tables, Tablets and Flexibility: Evaluating Planning Support System Performance under Different Conditions of Use. Appl. Spatial Analysis 12, 467–491 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12061-018-9251-0
  • Champlin, C., Hartmann, T. & Dewulf, G.P.M.R. (2018). Mapping the Use of Planning Support in a Strategy-Making Session. plaNext – next generation planning. 6: 5-24. DOI: 10.24306/plnxt.2018.06.001
  • Hartmann, T., olde Scholtenhuis, L., Zerjav, V., & Champlin, C. (2015). Mindfully implementing simulation tools for supporting pragmatic design inquiries. Engineering project organization journal5(1), 4-13. https://doi.org/10.1080/21573727.2014.981808

Carissa Champlin

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