Ir. A.A. (Akash) Gandhi


I am a Modelling Researcher at ESS department at the TPM Faculty, working on building Aspen models for petrochemical industrial processes. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from BITS Pilani (India) and an MSc (Hons) at TU Delft, in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Through my academic curriculum, I have learnt a lot about operations in biomass and hydrogen energy fields and I am interested in exploring further in these fields through professional experience. Then as well, I keep interests in learning about energy markets, understanding the carbon impacts, the technology readiness of the renewable energy systems and recent trends in building a sustainable economy.


I am currently working on the VICI grant project of ‘Unravelling the impacts of alternative materials in industrial clusters’ with Prof Andrea Ramirez.
In my current 1-year contract as a researcher, I will be working on primary-level modelling petrochemical industrial processes in Aspen through literature and thus determine the mass flows, energy balances and cost analyses for individual processes. The idea is to mimic a petrochemical industrial cluster (like the one in Rotterdam or Antwerp) for its integration of products, energy or waste streams.
The project later aims at exploring the impacts of transmaterialization of these processes, replacing fossil fuels by biomass, CO2 or similar alternative means of energy.

  • Baral, S. S., Dionisi, D., Maarisetty, D., Gandhi, A., Kothari, A., Gupta, G., & Jain, P. (2020). Biofuel production potential from wastewater in India by integrating anaerobic membrane reactor with algal photobioreactor. Biomass and Bioenergy, 133(July 2019), 105445.

VICI- Unravelling the impact of using alternative raw materials in industrial clusters (2019- 2024). Principal investigator. The project aims to develop a conceptual framework to systematically analyse the impact of replacing fossil fuels with alternative raw materials in petrochemical industrial clusters.

Akash Gandhi


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