J.T. (James Tonny) Manalal


I am a researcher at TPM faculty and I am developing industrial process models for exploring alternative sustainable raw materials in process industries. I have master’s in Energy & Environmental engineering from KTH Royal Institute and bachelor’s in chemical engineering from University of Kerala. I also have professional experience in operations, design and commissioning of process industries.


I am working as a researcher on the project "Unravelling the impacts of using alternative raw materials in industrial clusters" led by prof Andrea Ramirez. My research work includes gathering data and building a bottom-up model that mimics a petro-chemical industrial cluster. First principle models will be developed for several chemical processes using the process modelling & simulation software ‘ASPEN’. The model will later be used to assess the impact of replacing fossil fuel based raw materials with alternative raw materials like biomass and/or CO2.

James Tonny Manalal


Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Diones Supriana

Research interests:
Carbon capture, utilisation & storage (CCUS)
Process modelling & optimization
Sustainable energy