MSc. I.C. (Irene) Molthof


My background is in Biology and Medical Laboratory research (BSc.) and a two-year program Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (MSc.) at the University of Twente.

My past working experience includes researching fraud cases at an insurance company, and focusing on policy-related issues and developments in projects at GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond (safety region public health department).

Currently I hold a position as researcher GovTech at Digicampus in the field of innovation surrounding public services.


During my bachelor I specialized in research on clinical genetics (University Medical Center Groningen) and Biophotonic imaging (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente).

Within my master’s program I focused on philosophical and ethical concerns regarding societal impact of (medical) technology. My thesis entailed the study of several types of neurotechnology in relation to consciousness, the self and self-understanding.

My current research concerns emerging (digital) technologies and innovations in relation to public services, with a specific focus on proactive public services and the ‘no wrong door’-principle.

Irene Molthof


Engineering Systems and Services


Mon - Fri

Research interests:
Ethics & philosophy of technology
Biomedical research
Innovation and public services
Value-sensitive design
Socio-technical solutions
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