Instructions to authors

The manuscript should be submitted by clicking here. Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they comprise original, unpublished material and are not being submitted for publication elsewhere. Furthermore, manuscripts submitted to EJTIR are received under the condition that all co-authors are aware of, and agree with, the submission. All manuscripts are subject to anonymous peer review. Before publication, the corresponding author must approve publication. 

The manuscript should be produced using MS Word. The manuscript should be written in English: UK and US spelling are allowed, but no mixture thereof. Quality of the English language use by non-native speakers is the full responsibility of the authors. The manuscript should preferably consist of no more than 20 pages in total when single-spaced (or approximately 8000 words).

We expect that authors, before submitting their work to EJTIR, have read in detail our 'Scope and how we are published' page, which is a sub-page under our ‘Journal information’ page.

A note on Elsevier Procedia: by submitting their article to EJTIR, authors are understood to (implicitly) acknowledge that the article has not been previously published on Elsevier Procedia, nor has a substantial overlap with a previous version published on Elsevier Procedia. In case of doubt regarding whether or not this applies, the authors are requested to ask the editor-in-chief (Caspar Chorus) at