Style of manuscript


A template for submitted manuscripts is available from this link (word 6.0 or higher).

Title page

The title page's text is aligned to the left and should contain a title (bold, font 14), followed by the authors' name and affiliation (first name or initials, last name, university or institute, faculty (optional), city, country, and e-mail address). These affiliations are followed by an informative abstract of no more than 250 words, printed in Italic. This abstract should not contain abbreviations nor acronyms. The abstract is followed by a maximum of about six key-words, listed alphabetically.

Main text

Headings, Sub-headings, Numbering
Within a manuscript, up to three levels of headings may be used, not including the title of the manuscript. The first two levels are numbered, the third is not, but is typed in Italic. Figures, tables and mathematical expressions are numbered throughout the manuscript, not by section.

Footnotes and endnotes should be limited in number and size, and should not contain mathematical expressions. Arabic numerals should be used. Endnotes should appear after the acknowledgments, before references.

Mathematical Expressions
An equation editor should be used to create equations. Every symbol used should be introduced. The numbering of mathematical expressions should be aligned to the right.

Figures/ Illustrations / Tables
Figures and tables should be placed within the paper’s text itself and in the size in which they are going to be displayed in the journal. Note that EJTIR’s internet publication allows the use of colours. Figures should be entities in themselves, not a combination of separate elements (arrows, boxes, etc) grouped together in MS Word. Tables' lay-out should be kept as simple as possible. Horizontal rules should be indicated, vertical rules avoided. Tables should be numbered and titled above, figures and illustrations below.


Text should be justified, no indenting should be used. Please confine yourself to only elementary text-formatting: only bold-, underline-, italic-, sub- and superscript- and strikeout-facilities of MS Word should be used. EJTIR allows limited use of bullet-type listings.

These should follow the main text and precede the references.

For submitted manuscripts, we accept the MLA, APA, and Harvard styles of referencing. See the Template for examples in Harvard style.

Although the use of appendices is not encouraged, they might be applied to present text that is necessary for completeness of the main text, but would disturb the reading of it when placed directly in the main text, such as mathematical proofs or lengthy mathematical derivations. Appendices should be placed at the very end of the manuscript.