EWG / MCDA 2018

Welcome to the website of the 87th Meeting of the European Working Group on Multicriteria Decision Aiding (EWG/MCDA).

Delft University of Technology is honoured to be hosting one of the prominent events of Multicriteria Decision Aiding in Europe, the 87th Meeting of the EWG/MCDA. This meeting will be held on April 5th-7th, 2018, in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, the Netherlands.

The main theme of this meeting is socio-technical systems (such as transportation systems, energy systems, and information systems). All theoretical, methodological, and application studies dealing with multicriteria decision aiding, and in particular those relative to the theme of the meeting, are welcome.

We welcome you to historic town Delft, known worldwide for its connection with painter Johannes Vermeer, Royal House, Delft Blue earthenware and home to the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Delft!

Important note: Even in the case you will not participate in this meeting, it is nevertheless necessary to send us this form if you want to remain a member of the group (please remind that no answers to two consecutive invitations will automatically delete you from the members list).

About EWG/MCDA: Purpose and history

Multicriteria decision aiding is an important branch of Operational Research. Beyond the exchanges and meetings which already exist by means of the international conferences and the publications in the scientific journals, the objectives of the working group are the following:

  • to contribute to the development, at a European level, of an original way of thinking in the field of multicriteria decision aiding,
  • to allow each member of the group to make to others methodological, theoretical or applied results, to submit its own work and thoughts to the critical discussion of the group and facilitate some collaborations,
  • to develop multicriteria aiding for decisions by facilitating contacts with people interested in the subject and by stimulating continuity and progress in exchanges and work,
  • to keep the group alive and open by means of bi-annual meetings which must not be mini-conferences but real meetings favourable to exchanges,
  • to emergence of news ideas.

The working group was created at EURO I (Brussels, 1975). Since that time, two meetings are held each year, in Spring and Autumn. The official language of the meetings are English and French.

Further information on membership and past and upcoming meetings can be consulted on the Official Website of EWG/MCDA.

In memoriam of Bernard Roy

We wish to share with you the very sad news about the loss of the founder of our Working Group and its Honorary President,  Bernard Roy who, unexpectedly, passed away on Saturday, 28th October 2017.

Many of us had the chance of meeting with Bernard Roy during the 86th meeting of our group that took place in Paris (September 21-23). Bernard attended the three days of the meeting. Seeing him so active and precise in discussions, we did not expect that this will be the last meeting with him.

His passing away is a great loss for our community.

Inspired by him, we will do our best to maintain the spirit of the working group as initiated by Bernard Roy.

With great sadness,

Roman Słowiński, José Rui Figueira, and Salvatore Greco, EWG Coordinators