Dr. N. (Nihit) Goyal


Nihit Goyal is an assistant professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. A recipient of the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship and the Yale Fox International Fellowship, Nihit has a Master in Public Affairs from Sciences Po and a PhD in Public Policy from the National University of Singapore. Previously, Nihit was a postdoc at the Yale-NUS College in Singapore and a researcher at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy in India.


Nihit’s research focuses on analysing and informing the governance of the energy transition. He delves into three interconnected themes therein: the relationship among environment, process, design, and outcomes in policy-making; the co-evolution of technology and policy in sociotechnical systems; and energy and sustainable development. Nihit explores these through a multidisciplinary lens – drawing on policy studies, innovation studies, and global studies – as well as a varied methodological toolkit, combining data science, econometrics, and qualitative analysis.

  • EPA2934 Preparation Master Thesis
  • SEN1231 Mixed Research Methods for Multi-Actor Systems

Nihit Goyal

Assistant Professor

Multi-Actor Systems

Organization & Governance

Research interests:
Public policy
Energy transition
Computational social science
Policy innovation
Environmental health

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