Dr.ir. B.M. (Bauke) Steenhuisen


Bauke works as assistant professor at the TPM Faculty in Delft since 2009. His research has a broad orientation, focusing on trade-offs in public enterprises and their operational complexities in the context of management, stakeholder engagement, public oversight and politics. He collaborates in a number of research projects in the domain of infrastructures and governance. He teaches bachelor and master students public policy making, organizational behaviour, process management and institutional design. In 2012 and 2013, he worked as advisor at Arcadis NL part-time. He did his PhD research on competing public values from 2005 to 2009. Before that, he graduated as an engineer in system engineering, policy analysis and management in 2004. For his graduation project he worked as a trainee at the Dutch embassy in Berlin on international cooperation for flood protection.

  • De Bruijn, H., De Bruijne, M., Steenhuisen, B. & Van der Voort, H. (2015) Within control. Over de organisatie van risico-inschattingen, Den Haag: BOOM|Lemma.
  • Steenhuisen, B. (2014) Cutting dark matter. Professional capacity and organizational change, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, 3(2), 152-168.
  • Steenhuisen, B. & Eeten, M. van (2012). Patterns of coping with inconsistent demands in public service delivery. Administration & Society, 45(9), 1130-1157.
  • Dicke, W., Steenhuisen, B. & Veeneman, W. (2011). Graaiers of redders? : Wat marktwerking heeft aangericht en klaargespeeld in de zorg, het openbaar vervoer en de energievoorziening. Amsterdam: Atlas.
  • Steenhuisen, B. & Eeten, M. van (2008). Invisible trade-offs of public values: inside Dutch Railways. Public Money and Management: integrating theory and practice in public management, 28(3), 147-152.

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Bauke Steenhuisen

Assistant Professor

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Governance of engineering
Designing for dialogue
Public value trade-offs
Managing professionals
Risk governance

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Ir. B.M. Steenhuisen

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