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Didier van de Velde is researching institutional reforms in urban and regional passenger transport and the railways. He has published several papers in which he presents a comparative international analysis of how competition and contracting are experienced in passenger transport. He is particularly interested in the factors that shape the evolution of institutions. His other research interests are public transport and public interest / public service obligations; free public transport: policy logic versus commercial logic; lessons from various liberalisation reforms in the railway sector; public transport, real estate and value capturing; the railway sector: Japan versus the Netherlands, integration versus separation of infrastructure and transport operations (Japan versus Europe) and the consequences for innovation. He works as a consultant and director at inno-V in Amsterdam, where he advises authorities at local, national and international level.

  • Van de Velde, D., C. Nash, A. Smith, F. Mizutani, S. Uranishi, M. Lijesen and F. Zschoche (2012), "EVES-Rail - Economic effects of Vertical Separation in the railway sector", Report for CER - Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, by inno-V (Amsterdam) in cooperation with University of Leeds – ITS, Kobe University, VU Amsterdam University and civity management consultants, Amsterdam/Brussels, 188 pp.
  • Van de Velde, D. (2014), "Market initiative regimes in public transport in Europe: Recent developments", Research in Transportation Economics, 48, 33-40.
  • Van de Velde, D.M. (2008), "A new regulation for the European public transport", Research in Transportation Economics, 22, 78-84.
  • Van de Velde, D.M. (1999), "Organisational forms and entrepreneurship in public transport (Part 1: classifying organisational forms)", Transport Policy, 6, 147-157.
  • Van de Velde, D.M., W.W. Veeneman and L.R. Lutje Schipholt (2008), "Competitive tendering in The Netherlands: Central planning vs. functional specifications", Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 42, 1152–1162.

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Didier van de Velde

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