Dr.ir. W. (Wolter) Pieters


Wolter Pieters is associate professor of cyber risk in the Organisation & Governance section. He has MSc degrees in computer science and philosophy of technology from the University of Twente, and a PhD in information security from Radboud University Nijmegen. He was technical leader of the TREsPASS European project, and published widely on electronic voting, verification of security properties, cyber risk management, and philosophy and ethics of information security.


My research focuses on cyber security risk management and decision making in complex systems. I work with qualitative and quantitative socio-technical security models, attack models, and attack graphs, to discover and prioritise weaknesses, and evaluate countermeasures. To this end I use behavioural and decision models of attackers, employees and security officers, based on empirical studies. In relation to decision support, I’m also interested in the ethics of cyber security and in the integration of security and safety

I am module manager of the following courses:

  • SPM5442 Cyber Risk Management (4TU cyber security master & TPM cyber security specialisations)
  • WM0822TU Security & Organisation (Security, Safety & Justice minor)
  • WM0823TU Security & Technology (Security, Safety & Justice minor)

In addition, I regularly give guest lectures, and supervise master theses in cyber security and risk, related to the research outlined above.

More publications

  • TREsPASS (2012-2016; on using navigation as a metaphor in cyber security risk management and associated tools)
  • SOS4FLOOD (2015-2019; on cyber security risk and response in flood defences)
  • Collateral damage in cyber operations (2015-2019; on assessing side effects of the use of cyber weapons)
  • CYBECO (2017-2019; on supporting cyber insurance with behavioural models)

My PhD thesis on electronic voting appeared in 2008. It discusses the relation between technical properties and societal trust in electronic voting systems, and the origins of associated controversies. I co-edited three editions (2009-2011) of “Jaarboek Kennissamenleving”, and the Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Graphical Models for Security.

I regularly appear in newspapers and radio / TV shows on topics related to electronic voting, social engineering / human factors, and other cyber risks, for example in Elsevier, BNR Nieuwsradio, and Editie NL (RTL 4). Specific topics included the use of smartphones in polling stations, compact (and machine-countable?) ballots, risks of cloud computing, our laptop theft experiments, and incidents with (malicious?) USB sticks sent to companies.

In 2016 I gave a TedX talk on risks of the Internet-of-Things.

I’m a program committee member of the following major conferences:

I was program co-chair of the First International Workshop on Graphical Models for Security (GraMSec 2014). I co-organised the Dagstuhl seminars on Secure Architectures in the Cloud (2011) and Socio-Technical Security Metrics (2014), as well as the Lorentz seminar on Adversarial Risk Analysis for Critical Infrastructure (2016). I’m also a member of the Expert Advisory Panel of the Oxford Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre.

Wolter Pieters is program committee member at the following conferences:

IFIP Information Security & Privacy Conference
Rome, Italy, May 29-31, 2017

Workshop on the Economics of Information Security
La Jolla, California, June 26-27, 2017

New Security Paradigms Workshop
Keys, USA,  Florida, October 2-4, 2017

European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
Oslo, Norway on September 11-13, 2017

Workshop on Graphical Models for Security
Lisbon, Portugal - June 27, 2016

Wolter Pieters

Associate professor

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:

Design for Values
Responsible Risk Management

Cyber Security
Security Risk Management
Security Metrics and Testing
Human Factors
Integrated Security and Safety
Philosophy and Ethics of Security

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Dr.ing. W. (Wolter) Pieters



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