Ir. G.E.J. (Gracia) Bovenberg-Murris


Gracia studied Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft and has a Master’s degree in Design for Interaction. During her studies she focused on gamification, serious gaming and open-ended play. Now, she is a project leader and game designer at the TBM Gamelab, where she designs game concepts and their visual design together with researchers and other game designers (both board games and digital games). Gracia also helps with facilitating serious gaming sessions and workshops.

Urban Resilience Game: a print-and-play card game for students to learn about the topic of urban resilience. In this game students learn to understand different perspectives of resilience and how they influence key performance indicators and decision making, experience the impact of disasters on the environment of the system(s) and the consequences of different measures on disasters.

Other current projects about ‘shared autonomous vehicles’, ‘the strategies of policy making’ and ‘geopolitics’.

Gracia Bovenberg-Murris

Project leader / Game designer

Multi-Actor Systems


Research interests:
Serious Gaming