Ir. S.A. (Simon) Tiemersma


Educated as an architect, Simon helps designing serious games and simulations with and for the researchers at TPM. He is team leader and game designer at the gamelab. The gamelab consists of a group of programmers and designers that develop serious games, both digital and board games. He also helps in gaming related education and facilitates many game sessions and workshops.

The biggest projects from the past years:

  1. Held – mobile game to learn CPR, developed for the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting). Research was done on gaming elements, visuals and overall effectivity compared to existing resuscitation courses. 
  2. Rail Cargo Challenge – Multiple games for the Synchrogaming projects, focused on synchromodal transport from terminals to the hinterland.
  3. Plaitra – board game focused on technologies that could ensure safety of humanitarian aid workers in war zones.

Simon is member of the OdC, the Faculty Works Council. Within the council he is part of the PR and Real Estate committees.

Simon Tiemersma

Team leader/Game designer

Multi-Actor Systems


Research interests:
Serious Gaming

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