A. (Amir) Ebrahimi Fard


Amir is a PhD student at the Policy Analysis section of TU Delft’s Faculty of technology, Policy and Management. Following undergraduate studies in computer engineering, he got his MBA from Sharif University of Technology. Amir then pursued his graduated studies by joining to Nervousnet project in TU Delft in September 2016 and currently works with Scott Cunningham, Bartel van de Walle and Dirk Helbing.


As a member of Nervousnet project, Amir is going to research on new type of network based organizations which are enabled by blockchain technology. He intends to do this by using combination of game theory and data science.


Nervousnet: Social sensing by citizens for citizens

Research interests
  • Organizational Studies
  • Network Governance
  • Political Economy
  • Data Science
  • Game Theory

Amir Ebrahimi Fard

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:
Coastal Policy
Pilot Projects
Stakeholder processes