Ir. A.G.J. (Anique) Kuijpers


Anique is a PhD student at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology. Anique obtained her Master degree Construction Management and Engineering at the TU Eindhoven with a background in mobility in relation to strategic decision making. To specialize herself more in this field Anique studied a half year abroad at the KTH, Stockholm.


TransSonic ā€“ Transport Self Organization through Network Integration and Collaborationā€. The project aims at exploring technical and organisational blockers and enablers, and their interaction, for providing seamless multimodal transport services in the Netherlands. The focus will be on the social ā€“ organisational ā€“ blockers and enablers for self-organization of the transportation system, such as trust and awareness, using a game-based approach for this.

Anique Kuijpers

PhD Student

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

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