Ir. D. (Deniz) Özagaç


Deniz is a PhD candidate in Policy Analysis section, with focus on the meeting point of urban sciences and data science. He obtained his dual bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University and Southern Illinois University. After completing his master’s degree in Complex System Engineering and Management he decided to continue his career path in a PhD position where he could use his data science skills in a relatable context. The topic of his master thesis is utilizing geographical social media data to analyse mobility patterns in Rotterdam.


His work is falls under the broad roof of data science. Specifically, he works with a team that has professionals from different backgrounds such as urban scientists, architects and artists to explore the concept of Rhythm to improve the lives of the citizens. The full name of the project is:

Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience (DRSR)

Deniz Özagaç

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:
Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience (DRSR)

M. van der Toorn-Fennema