Ir. G. (Geertje) Slingerland


Since I finished both my bachelor and master program in Delft I am already quite familiar at the Delft University of Technology. With a background in Design for Interaction, I like to study how design can change people's behaviour and how we can design certain types of interactions that lead to systematic change. During my graduation I have been focusing on designing for grassroots communities and my PhD research continues in this field. 


At TPM, I am working on the BART! (Burger Alert Real-Time) project and research how we can create cohesion and social relationships between neighbours by making use of 'augmented narratives'. In the project, I will use location-based information as a way for neighbours to share their neighbourhood stories and study how this will lead to a sense of community and more neighbourhood awareness.

Geertje Slingerland

PhD Candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Systems Engineering

Research interests:
Citizen participation
Grassroots initiatives

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