Ir. X.B. (Xander) Bouwman


Xander is a PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology with a background in software engineering and public governance. His four-year doctoral research project started in 2019, with promotors Prof.dr. Michel van Eeten and Bram Klievink of Leiden University.

He has completed a BSc in Information Sciences at Utrecht University, and an MSc in Complex Systems Engineering and Management at Delft University of Technology.


Xander studies information security from a socio-technical perspective, taking an economics approach in order to understand the incentives that shape the behaviour of attackers and defenders.

His work is motivated by opportunities for collaborative security, in which defenders work together and share information in order to reduce asymmetries vis-à-vis attackers.  

Research topics of interest include: cyber threat intelligence sharing, software vulnerability disclosure, and public-private cooperation for critical infrastructure protection.

Xander Bouwman

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Cyber threat intelligence sharing
Software vulnerability disclosure
Critical infrastructure protection PPP’s

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