N. (Negar) Noori


I am a PhD candidate in Technology management/Technocracy at the TPM fuclty of Technical University of Delft. My research is on Technical aspect of smart city, and it is supervised by Prof. Martin De Jong, and Dr. Bram Klievink (in 2017-20). Before starting the PhD I completed the M.Sc. in Management of Technology at University of Tehran, and prior to that, a BA in Physics.

Before pursuing a career in academia I worked as a technical manager in the ICT-sector, a telecommunication manufacturing company. After five years I decided that a career in the private sector was not my calling, and so I returned to finish a degree in Philosophy that I had left behind. During my first day back at the university I realized that what I really love is learning new things, and it can keep my mind fresh.


It has always been believed that our world is unique, but today we have a parallel world to live called the virtual world. So human beings today simultaneously live in two parallel worlds: the physical world and the virtual universe interact with each other. This interaction between two parallel worlds and humans is in fact the advent of the “Internet of Things” because with the help of this emerging paradigm we can connect these two parallel worlds (Internet of) to all types of devices we have (Things). Indeed, a “smart city” is a city that operates simultaneously on two levels: one physical and one virtual. The research focuses on mapping the technical face of smart city; exploring the ICT requirements for smart urban systems in good practice cities.

Negar Noori

PhD Candidate

  • F.noori@tudelft.nl
  • Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

    Building 31

    Room number: B2.170

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Techno-driven future cities
Smart urbanism
IoT-powered smart city

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