Prof. dr. B.A. (Bartel) Van de Walle


Bartel Van de Walle is Professor of Policy Analysis and Head of the section Policy Analysis.

Inaugural speech “Data for Dunant”

When we hear ‘emergency aid’, most of us initially think of medical assistance, food and shelter. However, the large amount of information that is available nowadays is having an increasingly greater impact on the effectiveness of relief efforts. You could indeed go as far as to say that the provision of information should be a human right, as Bartel Van de Walle argued in his inaugural address at TU Delft on Friday, 10 March 2017.


Bartel Van de Walle


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B.A. van de Walle

Hurricane Harvey Report

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Improving situation awareness in crisis response teams

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Coupling Nile Basin 2050 scenarios with the IPCC 2100 projections for climate-induced risk reduction

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WeShareIt game

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2016 - Understanding International Grand Challenges
2015 - Besliskunde
-Werknemer niet-TUD - Center for Integrated Emergency Man. Agder University, Norway

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