Prof. dr. W.M. (Martin) de Jong


Martin de Jong (born 1970 in Vlaardingen, married, three children) has obtained his master’s degree in public administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University in 1993. He obtained his PhD degree in system engineering and policy analysis from Delft University of Technology in 1999. Since then he has worked or been a visiting scholar (apart from his permanent position at TU-Delft) at University of Amsterdam, George Mason University, Helsinki University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and Dalian University of Technology.

Martin de Jong has specialized in urban and infrastructure development in China, with special strength in transport infrastructures and eco city/low carbon city development.

  • Jong, Martin de, Simon Joss, Daan Schraven, Changjie Zhan and Margot Weijnen (2015): Sustainable-Smart-Resilient-Low Carbon-Eco-Knowledge Cities; Making sense of a multitude of concepts promoting sustainable urbanization, in Journal of Cleaner Production. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.02.004
  • Jong, Martin de, Dong Wang and Chang Yu (2013): Exploring the relevance of the eco-city concept in China: the Case of Shenzhen Sino-Dutch Low Carbon City, in: Journal of Urban Technology 20 (1), pages 95-113.
  • Jong, Martin de (2012): ‘The pros and cons of Confucian values in transport infrastructure development in China’: in Policy & Society 31 (1), pages 13-24
  • Jong, Martin de, Mu Rui, Dominic Stead, Ma Yongchi and Xi Bao (2010): Introducing public-private partnerships for subways in China; What’s the evidence?, in Journal of Transport Geography 18 (2010), pages 301-313.
  • Jong, Martin de and Jurian Edelenbos (2007): An Insider’s Perspective of Multilateral Learning in a European Expert Network; Social Interaction and Conceptual replication in a European project on sustainable urban development, in: European Planning Studies 15 (5) (June 2007), pages 687-706.
  • Jong, Martin de, Konstantinos Lalenis & Virginie Mamadouh (eds) (2002), The Theory and Practice of Institutional Transplantation; Experiences with the Transfer of Policy Institutions, Geo Journal Library, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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Martin de Jong

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Multi-Actor Systems

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Research interests:
Public policy
Urban planning
Transport planning
Institutional transplantation (policy transfer)

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