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Michel van Eeten's chair focuses on the Governance of Cybersecurity. He studies the interplay between technological design and economic incentives in Internet security. His team analyses large-scale Internet measurement and incident data to identify how the markets for Internet services deal with security risks.

He has conducted empirical studies for the ITU and the OECD on the economics of malware and the role of Internet Service Providers in botnet mitigation. The Dutch government commissioned an in-depth study on the Dutch market and a 2016 follow-up study on the effectiveness of AbuseHUB, a clearinghouse for botnet data run by the Dutch ISPs that was set up after the initial study. 

He is leading two projects funded by NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research); one on security reputation metrics for Internet intermediaries and one on improving the effectiveness of abuse reporting mechanisms. Additional funding has been granted via two EU projects: the Advanced Cyber Defense Center, which develops anti-botnet services for European operators and users, and the eCrime project, which will study the economic impact of cybercrime on non-ICT sectors, such as health and the chemical industry. The most recent project is MALPAY, a collaborative research project on malware-based attacks on payment services, together with the VU Amsterdam, the Dutch police, ING, ABNAMRO, Rabobank and Fox-IT. 

He is also a member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council. 

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