Weekly Colloquium

The weekly colloquium at EconSec group provides an open opportunity to discuss ideas, projects and open topics that might be in the interest of the participants, as well as receive feedback on work in progress. The goal is to provide the audience with a bird's-eye view on a subject.

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14 January 2016Samaneh TajalizadehkhoobEmpirical analysis of hosting providers' security practices-
7 January 2016Arman Norooziantba-
10 December 2015Reserved for internal meeting-B3.470
19 November 2015Qasim LoneForwarding loops to measure source address validationD2
18 June 2015Joost ZuurbiertbaB1.470
11 June 2015Orcun CetinFuture of abuse notificationsB1.470
4 June 2015Bram KlievinkCollaborative public-private digital infrastructuresB1.470
28 May 2015Willem van DrielCredit card fraud detectionB1.470
21 May 2015 @16:30Johan PouwelseAnonymous HD Video Streaming and ReputationsB1.470
23 Apr 2015 @16:30Frank van den HurkDiscovering Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) for unknown malwareB1.470
9 Apr 2015-Group organization results & social eventB1.470
2 Apr 2015Michale CiereStatistical modeling in the security economics fieldB1.470
5 Mar 2015Maciej KorczynskiReputation Metrics Design to Improve Intermediary Incentives for Security of TLDsB1.470
26 Feb 2015Arman NoroozianTrackin the soaksoak CampaignB1.470
19 Feb 2015-Group PlanninB1.470
12 Feb 2015Carlos GañánEmprical Analysis of Financial Malware C&Cs: Characteristics and LifetimeB1.470
29 Jan 2015Michel van EetenWhat are metrics?B1.470
22 Jan 2015Orcun CetinExperimental Abuse Notification Study on ATP DroppersB1.470
15 Jan 2015Rolf van WegbergMoniTOR; Exploring the Dark WebB1.470
8 Jan 2015Hadi AsghariAutonomous System Mapping ToolB1.470







Dec 4th, 2014 Elmer Lastdrager Reporting Phishing
Nov 27th, 2014 Marie Vasek My time at Delft
Nov 14th, 2014 Hadi Asghari & Michael Ciere Conficker & National Anti-botnet Interventions
Aug 28th, 2014 Arman Noroozian, Qasim Lone Discrete Choice models & Multi-level models
Apr 3rd, 2014 Dina Hadžiosmanović

The Process Matters: Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems

Mar 13th, 2014 Jair Santanna DDoS-as-a-Service phenomenon: Less than 5 Dollars to attack anyone
Mar 10th, 2014 Ben Edwards Modeling the distribution and migration of Spam
Feb 27th, 2014 Wolter Pieters The TREsPASS project: Towards socio-technical security metrics
Feb 20th, 2014 Shirin Tabatabaie -
Jan 9th, 2014 Jan Joris Vereijken (Chief Security  Architect, ING) Inside the mind of the fraudster





Date Presenter Title
Dec 19th, 2013 Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob Discussing ideas about financial service providers and online banking attacks
Dec 19th, 2013 Giovane Moura Active Measurements and Botnet Metrics
Dec 12th, 2013 Qasim Lone

Pitfalls in botnet measurements, how to solve Churn and shadow copy of same botnet 

Dec 5th, 2013 Payam Poursaied Brainstorm on Hosting and DNS ideas
Nov 28th, 2013 Hadi Asghari Security Economics in the HTTPS Value Chain
Nov 14th, 2013 Giovane Moura Right to the Point with the Related Work
Nov 7th, 2013 Giovane Moura How to get your paper accepted