Development plan for Munroe Island

Development Plan for Munroe Island
Minor International Entrepreneurship & Development 2017

Munroe Island, Southern India


We are Malou, Godert and Julia and we are team Munroe. We come from different study backgrounds namely: Civil Engineering, Applied Physics and Applied Earth Sciences.

from left to right Julia,Godert and Malou

We are doing our project about Munroe Island. Munroe Island is a region in southern India, which is sinking due to climate change.

location of the project area

Because the island is sinking and flooding it causes a lot of problems in the area such as:

  • Sanitary problems. due to flooding toilets overflow which causes an unhygienic situation
  • Housing problems, houses are flooding and subsiding
  • Economic problems , because the area is flooding a lot of land which was used as agricultural land has become useless. Leaving farmers jobless
  • Connectivity problems, roads and bridges are affected by the flooding

Visiting houses affected by flooding and subsidence

Because of these problems, the local Government of Munroe Island qualifies for a subsidy from the Government of India. This subsidy is for improving the living conditions on Munroe Island. To get this subsidy they need to submit a four-year master plan. This master plan consist out of a plan and a budget to develop the area in the next 4 years. This master plan  should therefore mainly contain a plan to solve the problems on Munroe Island.

The local Government of Munroe Island does not have a solution for the problems. There has been research done before at Munroe Island however, the local Government of Munroe Island has never seen any results of this research. The institutions, which conducted this research, were unwilling to share their data and conclusions with the local government of Munroe Island. Therefor they are in need of data on the Island.

Our Project
For our project we will write a recommendation for the master plan. With this recommendation report we will provide the government with an problem analysis and solution proposals. For the solution proposals we are focussing on solutions that involve some kind of entrepreneurship such as creating more tourism based businesses to counter economic problems. The report will also include recommendation for further research. We are going to collect data for this report by surveying the population of Munroe Island and by using research done by our partner university. After analysing this data we can make an analysis of the problem. Then we will propose solutions to the problems.

With our recommendation report the government will have more data to construct a master plan. With this master plan they can apply for the subsidy and help the people of Munroe Island by developing and thus creating income, flood proof housing, hygienic sanitary and better connectivity.


The result of the Munroe Island project is a recommendation to improve the living condition at Munroe Island. First we have survey the inhabitants of Munroe Island to see which problems they face every day. We made an interactive map of Munroe Island with all the houses on it, and per household what their problems are.

After investigation all the problems, we had to come up with solutions for the problems: bad connectivity, sanitary, economical problems, water availability and house sinking.

The connectivity in Munroe Island is bad because there is no railway crossing, so the people can only go to their home by foot. We have come up with a potential railway crossing and a main road that has to be conducted to solve the connectivity problem, as seen in figure 1.

Some household has sanitary problems, there toilet overflows when the water level rises. These households need a bio toilet; this is a flood resistant toilet. We have made a list of all these households that need a bio toilet.
The result of the survey showed that 78% of the households in
Munroe Island are below poverty level. To generate income we
have come up with two kinds of businesses: pottery and soap making. Both businesses are easy to learn and the main ingredient is locally available.

In Munroe Island 32% of the household doesn’t have access to water all the time. To solve this problem, these households need a rainwater tank. The tank collects the water in the rain season and later the water can be used for cooking or washing.

A lot of houses in Munroe Island are sinking, one of the students from Government Engineering College Barton Hill is doing research about the ground conditions in Munroe Island. After the results there can be found a solution for the foundation of these houses.

The continuation of the project can be setting up the soap or/and pottery business in Munroe Island. These businesses can be easily implemented in Munroe Island, but there must be build a factory and the people of Munroe Island must be skilled to make soap/pottery.

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