Annotation Entrepreneurship

Master students who are interested in Technology-based Entrepreneurship can opt for the Master Annotation Entrepreneurship program. The program trains you to gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to explore new technology-based business opportunities. It combines a set of courses (>15ECTS) and an additional thesis part (5ECTS) to the main graduation project that touches upon entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in the sense of this program can vary from starting up your own business to establishing entrepreneurial projects within existing business environments and establishing a culture of corporate entrepreneurship. If you complete the program successfully you will receive an Certificate of the Annotation Entrepreneurship along with your MSc degree.

Programme Outline
To follow the Master Annotation Entrepreneurship program two options1 exist on how to include it in your MSc program depending on the MSc program, see Figure 1.

In the first option (I), you can follow the courses for the Master Annotation Entrepreneurship as part of your specialization or elective program. In addition, you take the 5 ects thesis part to complement your master thesis with entrepreneurship-related reflection / implementation.

In the second option (II), you take the courses in addition to the main MSc program and they become extracurricular courses on your course list. In this option, you also take the 5ects thesis part to complement your master thesis with entrepreneurship-related reflection/ implementation.

An overview in detail of the Master Annotation Entrepreneurship program and the  modules that can be included is provide by Figure 2, below. The program has two main modules, e.g. ‘MoT9610 Entrepreneurship Basic course’ and an experiential learning course ‘MoT9612 Business Development Lab – short’  in which you will practice and apply your entrepreneurial skills. The two modules are complemented with an entrepreneurship-related elective at your own choice. The list of possible Entrepreneurship related electives is provide on To finalize the Master Annotation Entrepreneurship program, you need to complete a written report that addresses the identification and appropriation of the commercial and societal  value of the research topic central to the master thesis project. This is done in the project-based course MoT9611 Project entrepreneurship thesis related.

More information can be found in the study guide. 

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