Fatima Delgado Medina

Fátima teaches Sustainable and Circular Entrepreneurship and Circular Human Behavior.  She has more than ten years of experience working as a project manager, consultant, and advisor in Sustainability Science and Climate Change research and applied to startups and on-site projects in the regions of South America, Europe, and the US. Her work focuses on conducting startups and projects and as well as transferring knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to different stakeholders ‘profile: female startups, smallholder-farmers, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and research-based projects-She has also started her startup journey in 2019, in collaboration with Cornell University, by creating Sustainable Tapas, which is an educational community and platform looking for building up climate-actions and knowledge to be transferred into skills to diverse types of organizations: local communities, universities, startup ecosystems. She has a Ph.D. in Sustainability Science and Climate Change from the Polytechnical University of Catalunya. Her areas of expertise are:

  1. The latest knowledge and methods of sustainable entrepreneurship and circular economy: collaborative business model design, regenerative approach circular human
  2. Climate change analysis from a systemic-thinking approach ( e.g., ecological, social, agricultural, and economic frameworks).
  3. Research in ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, emerging markets, and various methodological approaches.
  4. Research, management, and implementation of agribusiness with a participatory and collaborative approach.
  5. Techniques and methodologies in Data Science applied to climate change and sustainability sciences.

Fátima is involved in the following education programs:

  • Minor International Entrepreneurship ( Teaching + Projects´Supervision)
  • Masterclass for the minor ‘Designing for Sustainability Transitions’ of Industrial Design Engineering Faculty. ( Teaching & Masterclasses´Design)
  • New programs run together with the Ag-Tech Institute.
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