Dr.ing. V.E. (Victor) Scholten


Victor Scholten is Assistant Professor in Technology-Based Entrepreneurship at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Before joining Delft University of Technology in 2007, he held the position of Assistant Professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He received a PhD in entrepreneurship in 2006 at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Between 2009 and 2012 he was vice-program manager of the MSc programme Management of Technology program at TU Delft and since 2008 he is coordinator of the minor programme Technology-Based Entrepreneurship and coordinator of the MSc MOT specialisation ‘Emerging Technology-based Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. In addition to that, he was graduation coordinator for the section Technology, Strategy and Entrepreneurship from 2008 until 2012 and is member of the TPM exam committee since 2008. 


His current research interests are in academic spin-out companies, technology transfer to SMEs, strategic business venturing, entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial networking strategies.

  • In 2010 he managed to become partner in a large Interreg project named KARIM (www.karimnetwork.eu) for which the TUDelft part surmounts up to 400k Euro. He coordinates various actions with respect to the Role of spin-out companies, Responsible Innovation within SMEs and sharing best practices  concerning teaching responsible innovation in technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship courses.
  • From 2010 onwards, he collaborates with Ege University, Turkey in a project on collaboration and technology transfer between local universities and SMEs in the Aegean region. In 2011 he was visiting scholar at Ege University in Turkey.
  • Since 2008, he coordinates two entrepreneurship research projects. One is the entrepreneurial intention and development among TUDelft students and the other is a yearly monitor of the YES!Delft incubator tenants.

Bachelor level
Minor on Technology-based entrepreneurship:

  • Essentials of Technology based  Entrepreneurship
  • Case writing on a technology-based SMe
  • Sustainable technology and  entrepreneurship

Master level
Specialization in Entrepreneurship:

  • Opportunity framing for entrepreneurs
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Learning from Silicon Valley

Victor Scholten has published in scientific and professional journals and contributed to scientific books. He was the co-author of a Best Paper Award for the IECER 2008 conference titled: "Exploring success determinants in spin-off creation: Empirical evidence from the Life Sciences in the Netherlands".

  • Rezaei, J., Ortt, R. and Scholten V. (2013). An improved fuzzy preference programming to evaluate entrepreneurship orientation. Applied Soft Computing, Available online 5 December 2012.
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  • Abban, R., Omta, O., Aheto,K., Scholten, V. (2013) Connecting the Dots: A Multiple Case Study of the Network Relationships of SMEs in the NTAE Sector of Ghana. African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, forthcoming in Vol 4, (1): 74 – 94.
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  • Jousma, H., van Rossum, P. and V. Scholten, 2009. Framework For Analyzing the Growth of University Research Parks Applied to the Bioscience Park in Leiden, the Netherlands. Triple Helix VII International Conference 17-19 June 2009. Glasgow : Scotland. 

Victor Scholten

Assistant Professor

Delft Center for Entrepreneurship

Research interests:
Academic spin-out companies
Technology transfer to SMEs
Strategic business venturing
Entrepreneurial teams
Entrepreneurial networking strategies

Additional information

Dr.ing. V.E. Scholten

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