Sonja van Boxtel


At Dutch for foreigners, I teach all levels (both intensive and less intensive), ranging from Elementary to advanced and training for the Staatsexamen NT2 II. I am also involved in teacher training, the development of the Delftse Methode and some small research projects. My PhD, which I got at the University of Nijmegen,  focused on (the critical period for) grammar in second Language acquisition. 

Less intensive courses:

  • Elementary 1 and 2
  • Intermediate 1 and 2
  • Advanced 1


Intensive courses:

  • Groene Boek (beginners course)
  • Tweede Ronde (intermediate course)
  • Derde Ronde (advanced course)

Training for the state exam (Staatsexamen, programma II)

  • Derde Ronde
  • Groene Boek oefenboek
  • Can the late bird catch the worm? Ultimate attainment in L2 acquisition.

S.J. (Sonja) van Boxtel

Lecturer Dutch for Foreigners


Instituut voor Talen en Academische Vaardigheden


Dutch for Foreigners

Research interests:
Critical Period for Second Language Learning
Second Language Grammar
Processing Instruction
Dutch as a second language