Proficiency B

Course type:

Period: November-January and April-June
Course length:

7 weeks

Hours per meeting:

2,5 hours including a 15 minute break


Drs. K. (Kim) van der Linden
015 27 86384


Group level

The Proficiency course is for those whose level of English is currently at C1 (IELTS 6,5) and who wish to attain C2 level (IELTS 7,5).

Starting dates of next courses

In November and April providing there are enough participants. A minimum of 8 participants is required for a course to take place. If there are insufficient registrations, the course will be postponed (your name will remain on the waiting list). We will inform whether the course will take place a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Maximum number of participants: 12 (minimum 8).

Self-study load

Note that you will need to invest time at home to benefit from this course and make progress in your language skills. Around 3-4 hours homework a week will be given.


University Lecturers at TU Delft,- this includes all teaching staff and PhD students who need or wish to reach C1-high level in English.

Course Materials

Text books will be distributed during the first lecture.


Grammar, Vocabulary extension, Pronunciation as well as practising listening, reading and speaking skills. This course will explore grammar and vocabulary extension not discussed in course A.


The lectures will consist largely of interactive pair, group and whole-class work. Furthermore, by means of peer-feedback, your awareness of different aspects of the English language will be greatly enhanced.


Participants can take the English Test for Lecturers upon completion of the course (please note, the exam fees are not included in the course cost).

Courses fees

€ 400,- (this does not include the fees for the exam).


Please contact the English Unit Department for starting dates and registration at, or by telephone: 015-27 83646.