Spanish at ITAV (2020-2021)

Lecturer: Drs. Eva Rutten
If you speak Spanish, you can communicate with more than 500 million people in the world! Spanish is the second most used language in international communication and is the mother tongue of 21 countries.
The Latin American and Spanish culture have a large contribution to art, music and world literature. The student that visits a Spanish-spoken country for internship, work, or as a tourist after following the courses, has acquired sufficient skills to deal with everyday situations.

The aim of the courses is to acquire the skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.
Instruction language: Spanish

The first lessons are on:
Monday, 31 August, 2020 (Q1)
Monday, February 8, 2020 (Q3)
The Spanish course are only available for TU students.

The language of instruction is Spanish.
A course costs € 100 for TU students .


Enrollment via Brightspace twice a year in August, 20th and January, 20th Students must submit via Brightspace (Content -“ Group enroll”).
Enroll in Brightspace and choose “ Group” to register in the right group.

Course Contents:

The student develops his/her productive speaking and written skills in practical situations. These situations involve a stay in Spain or in Latin America as part of an educational exchange or an internship in a company or institution. Attention is also given to knowledge of Spanish culture.

Education form:

The course takes place two times per year and covers 2 quarters: from September to December and from February to May.

The course consists of 13 tutorials(1 for examination)–
The course requires quite some self-study. You to take in to account at least 4 or 5 hours of self- study per week, in addition to weekly tutorials.
If is your first Romance language at least 6/7 hours of self -study per week .

The course is given on the basis of a reader:
Each week you prepare a chapter of the reader through self-study, by studying the theory of grammar & the new words of each chapter

Compulsory literature:

Reader. A dictionary is strongly recommended
All students are required to have the reader and a dictionary for the tutorials.

The reader can be ordered on the Internet. Please note delivery time: 1/2 weeks!

Method of testing:

"Continuous evaluation"
The final grade will be announced via Brightspace and determined by the weighted average of the oral test ,a writing text and the 3 tests

If the result is enough be credited 4 ECTS. (Granting of ECTS is under the judgment of the faculty to which students have been applied).
Further information about the evaluation and oral test is given during the first college and through Brightspace.

Required Level

No prior knowledge of Spanish is required to study this course
Participants must have successfully completed WM-ITAV-1020 Spanish 1 (with a
minimum of 6.6
Alternatively they must have done a placement test (to be requested via the email:
Participants must have successfully completed WM-ITAV-1021 Spanish 2. (with a minimum of 6.6)
Alternatively they must have done a placement test (to be requested via the email:


For more information and updates information on the course consult Brightspace: 2020-2021 Q1 (available August 2020) en Q3 (available in December 2020).