Dr. A.R. (Andrea) Gammon


I’m Assistant Professor of Ethics & Philosophy of Technology (EPT) at TU Delft, with a focus on engineering ethics education. I manage the ethics teaching our section provides throughout TU Delft, and I’m the MSc Graduation Coordinator for EPT. I began teaching at TU Delft in 2018.

My main philosophical background is in environmental philosophy and I’m interested in a range of environmental topics and themes. Specifically, my past research has focused on rewilding and interpretations of place and landscape (Ph.D., 2018) and philosophy of technology and ethics of climate engineering (M.A., 2013).

At TU Delft I co-organize the special interest group on Community Engagement in teaching & research (with Reinout Kleinhans), co-chair the Ethics & Philosophy of Technology Teaching Colloquium (with Nynke van Uffelen), co-supervise the TPM GreenTeam (with Linda Kamp and Gijsbert Korevaar) and am part of the Philosophy and Ethics in Education & Teaching task force.


My current research intertwines with my teaching: I'm interested primarily in how to improve and better integrate ethics education in STEM curriculum, including through community engaged- and project-based- learning.

I’m working with several others on the U.S. National Science Foundation-funded project Responsible Engineering Across Cultures (Qin Zhu & Scott Streiner, PIs, 2021-2025), which looks at engineering ethics education in universities in the Netherlands, the U.S., and China, aiming to improve ethics education in cross-cultural contexts. I’m especially interested in using this project to inform how our ethics teaching at TU Delft is integrated in curricula in different programs across the university.

I'm also currently working on research on collective environmental virtues, nature-based solutions for climate adaptation, and how best to teach environmental philosophy and ethics to engineering students.

I’m involved in various teaching activities in the EPT section and responsible for the following courses:

  • Environmental Ethics (TPM012A/TPM013A)
  • Responsible Innovation (TPM029)
  • Ethics in applied mathematics (WM1028AM)
  • Environmental & Research Ethics in Environmental Engineering, starting fall, 2022


I supervise bachelor thesis projects in the TPM bachelor end project; group projects through the Responsible Innovation minor (BSc., LDE), and the Sustainability Challenge (MSc., Industrial Ecology), and I’m always interested in supervising MSc projects on sustainability and environmental or ethics-related topics.

  • Gammon, A.R. (2019). “The Unsettled Places of Rewilding.” In S. Pinto, S. Hannigan, B. Walker-Gibbs, E. Carlton Eds., Interdisciplinary Unsettlings of Place and Space, pp. 251-264. Springer. Doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-6729-8_16
  • Gammon, A.R. (2018). “The many meanings of rewilding: An introduction and the case for a broad conceptualization.” Environmental Values, 27(4): 331-350. Doi: 10.3197/096327118X15251686827705
  • Tokarski, M. & A.R. Gammon. (2016). “Cultivating a Dialogue: Rewilding, Heritage Landscapes, and Belonging.” The Trumpeter, 32(2): 147-154. available online
  •  Buck, H.J., A.R. Gammon, & C.J. Preston. (2014). “Gender & Geoengineering.” Hypatia, 29(3): 651-669. Doi: 10.1111/hypa.12083

Andrea Gammon

Assistant Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

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A.R. Gammon

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