Dr. D.J. (Daniel) Scholten


Daniel Scholten is Assistant Professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He specializes in the geopolitics of renewables and the governance of renewable energy systems. He is also member of the education committee of the TB bachelor. Dr. Scholten defended his dissertation on the organizational requirements of future energy systems at the TU Delft in 2012 and holds degrees in Political Science (Radboud University, 2003) and International and European Relations (University of Amsterdam, 2006, with distinction). He has been an affiliated research fellow at the Energy Programme Asia of the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden and a lecturer of International Political Economy at Webster University Leiden. In addition, he was the managing editor of the international journal Competition and Regulation in Network Industries between 2011-2016.


Dr. Scholten’s research focuses on the societal implications of a transition to renewable energy. It combines engineering insights on renewable energy systems with institutional economics, political science and international relations.

Primary research focus: the geopolitics of renewables

Secondary topics: governance of renewable energy systems, transitions to sustainability, renewable energy security (policy), European integration

Current projects (1-1-2017):

  • The geopolitics of renewables (GPRen)
  • Transition patterns enabling smart energy systems (TRAPESES)

Dr. Scholten currently teaches the following courses:

  • Sociotechnology of future energy systems
  • Economics (and regulation) of infrastructures
  • Governance of socio-technical systems
  • Micro-economics

Guest lectures:

  • The geopolitics of renewables
  • Political economy of energy
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Daniel Scholten

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